State Pension age in 2022: what it is

8 December 2022 by Robin - 6 minutes of reading time

state pension age 2022

What is the State Pension age? How old do I need to be? The type of State Pension you can receive depends on your date of birth. Indeed, this Your Benefits article will tell you everything you need to know about the state pension age.

What is the State Pension age?

You may not be sure if you reached State Pension age. In the UK in 2022, this age is 66 years old. Otherwise, you can check your State Pension age on Gov.UK. In fact, this is because your State Pension age also depends on your date of birth. There was an increase in the age and retirement age for some people.

There are two different versions of State Pension. The first is the basic scheme. The second is the new version of the scheme. Additionally, your date of birth will determine what version you will get.
This age is the earliest age that one may reach in order to start receiving this benefit. Indeed, you may not receive State Pension earlier than this. The amount that you receive will depend on what version of the scheme you get. It also depends on your National Insurance contributions.

What can I get with my state pension age?

As said previously, your date of birth dictates what version of State Pension you are entitled to. In fact, you may be eligible to receive the basic or new State Pension. Additionally, men and women have different requirements. They are as follows:

Version of State Pension you will receive depending on your gender and date of birth in 2022
Date of birth Gender Version of the scheme
Before 6 April 1951 Men Basic scheme
On or after 6 April 1951 Men New scheme
Before 6 April 1953 Women Basic scheme
On or after 6 April 1953 Women New scheme

In other words, the date of birth requirements are as follows. In order to qualify for the basic State Pension, you must have been born:

  • Prior to 6 April 1953 for women;
  • Prior to 6 April 1951 for men.

You may be State Pension age or older, but have been born after these dates. If this is the case, you may receive the new scheme. In fact, to qualify, you must have been born:

  • On 6 April 1951 or after for men;
  • On 6 April 1953 or after for women.
You might already receive a workplace or personal pension. If this is the case, you may still receive this benefit. Indeed, you may also have to pay tax on the payments that you get.

Can I claim state pension age?

How you claim this benefit depends on your date of birth. In fact, this is because the basic and new scheme are not claimed the same way. You may claim the new scheme online. However, this is not possible for the old scheme. 

Also note that you will not receive this pension automatically when you reach the qualifying age. Indeed, you must claim it. Let’s first look at the new State Pension.

You may claim the new version of the scheme online. Indeed, you will typically receive a letter no later than 2 months before you are State Pension age. It will show you how to claim. However, you do not have to wait to receive it. You can apply for this pension up to 4 months before reaching State Pension age.

If you live in England, you may claim this pension on the Gov.UK website. However, if you live in Northern Ireland, you may claim this pension on the nidirect website. Applying online is the most effective way to receive this benefit. However, if you wish, you may apply by post.

How to claim basic State Pension

What is the State Pension age?

Claiming the basic version of the scheme online is not possible. Instead, there are 3 different ways you may do so. They are as follows, by:

  • Phoning the State Pension claim line;
  • Getting the claim form online, filling it out and posting it or giving it to your local pension centre;
  • Doing your claim from abroad (for example, you may do so from the Channel Islands).

State pension age: what else can I get?

If you are State Pension age, chances are that you are eligible to receive more benefits. First, you may be able to receive additional State Pension. However, this is only for the basic scheme. Furthermore, you could receive Lone Pensioner Allowance (LPA), TV licence discount and Senior Railcard.

What is Lone Pensioner Allowance (LPA)?

Lone Pensioner Allowance (LPA) is a benefit for ratepayers in Northern Ireland over 70 who live alone. Indeed, it allows you to earn a discount on the rates that you pay. More specifically, a 20% discount.

You may be over 70 years old but do not live alone. If this is the case, you may still be eligible. Indeed, this is if you care for someone or are cared for by someone, among other things.

What is the TV licence discount?

What can I get with my state pension age?

You may be over 75 years old. Additionally, you may also receive Pension Credit. If this is the case, you could be eligible to not pay your TV licence. Furthermore, you may be over 75 years old and visually impaired. If this is the case, you could be eligible for a discount.

Indeed, if you are not eligible for State Pension, there are other benefits you may earn, like this one. However, note that it is not a benefit, as much as it is an exemption/discount.

You may be blind or visually impaired. If this is the case, you may earn a discount on your TV licence. More specifically, you could get a 50% discount. Additionally, any person living with you will also be covered by the exemption or discount.

Note that you do not automatically receive this benefit. Indeed, you must apply if you qualify. In order to receive an application form, you must contact TV Licensing. Indeed, you may do so by phone on 0300 790 6117.

If you are blind or visually impaired, also contact TV Licensing. If you are eligible, your discount will be applied automatically to your next TV licence renewals.

What is the Senior Railcard?

The Senior Railcard is a benefit for those over 60 years old. Indeed, the card costs £30. However, it allows you to get up to a 30% discount on train fares across Great Britain, and more.

The Senior Railcard does not allow you to only get discounts on train fares. Indeed, you may also get discounts on certain hotels, websites, and more.

If you decide to buy a 3-year Senior Railcard, you will even be able to make further savings. More specifically, it will cost you £70, saving you £20 on the price of three one-year Senior Railcards.

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