State Pension amount in 2022: what you could get

14 November 2022 by Robin - 5 minutes of reading time

state pension amount

How much State Pension can I get? You may earn different amounts of this pension depending on the version that you receive. This Your Benefits article will walk you through everything you need to know about the State Pension amount.

Can I get State Pension?

How much of this benefit you may receive depends mainly on your date of birth. Indeed, this will dictate if you receive the basic or new scheme. However, note that if you are at or older than a certain age, you likely qualify for any amount. If you are over State Pension age, you can claim your State Pension.

Note that your State Pension amount will increase yearly. Indeed, the amount by which it increases will depend from year to year. More details below. This type of pension is paid every four weeks.

Furthermore, since April 2016, there is a new scheme for this pension. In fact, if you are claiming this benefit now, you can claim that scheme instead. You can check your State Pension forecast with the Gov.UK pension calculator.

Will my State Pension amount increase?

Can I get State Pension?

Your pension will always increase from year to year. Indeed, what determines the State Pension increase is whichever of the following is higher during any given year:

  • 2.5%;
  • The average percentage growth of wages in Great Britain;
  • The percentage growth of prices in the United Kingdom.

Whichever is higher any given year will dictate the increase in your pension. Because of this, your pension is guaranteed to increase by at least 2.5% every tax year.

When will I be paid?

The day on which you receive State Pension payments amount depends on the last two digits of your National Insurance number. Indeed, they dictate the day on which you receive payments. More specifically, they are as follows:

State Pension payment day depending on the last 2 digits of your National Insurance number in 2022
The last 2 digits of your National Insurance number Day that you receive your basic State Pension
00 to 19 Monday
20 to 39 Tuesday
40 to 59 Wednesday
60 to 79 Thursday
80 to 99 Friday

Like most benefits, this pension payments are paid directly into your bank account. Indeed, you will receive the payments directly.

How much is State Pension?

How much you receive with this pension depends on the version that you get. Indeed, you may not receive the same amount with the basic and new scheme. And what version you get depends on your date of birth.

As such, you may be eligible for a certain amount. Also note that only those receiving basic scheme can receive additional State Pension. Additionally, you may apply for new scheme online. However, you may not apply for the basic scheme online

How much is the basic scheme?

How much is State Pension?

Let’s start with the basic scheme. With it, the starting amount is £137.60 weekly. However, you may have to pay tax on these amounts.

Furthermore, you need to qualify first. To do so, you must have paid a certain amount of National Insurance (NI) contributions or credits. More specifically, you must have accumulated 30 qualifying years. If you contributed less, you may receive less than £137.60 weekly.

You may increase your number of qualifying years through voluntary National Insurance contributions. However, you may not be sure how many qualifying years you have accumulated. To see this, check your National Insurance record.

You may be able to receive more than £137.60 weekly. This is the case if one of the following applies:

  • You qualify for additional payments;
  • You deferred your pension.

If you are in a couple, you may be able to earn more State Pension amount. More specifically, you could get £283.70 weekly. This is an increase from the 2021-2022 year. Indeed, then, the amount for couples was £275.20 weekly.

Note that in order to earn more as a couple, both of you need to have built up State Pension amount.

Additionally, you could inherit some of this benefit from your spouse or civil partner. Indeed, this is the case if one of the following applies for you:

  • You get fewer than £137.60 with the basic scheme;
  • You cannot get the basic scheme.

Note that you may receive this increase in your State Pension amount if you are a woman. However, another thing need to apply. Indeed, you must be married to a man. If this is not the case, you must be married to a woman who changed their gender during your marriage. More specifically, they must have changed their gender from male to female.

How much is new state pension?

The new scheme can get you an amount of £179.60 weekly. However, you National Insurance record is what dictates how much you will receive. Indeed, you will typically need 10 qualifying years to receive any State Pension amount

Note that you do not need to have 10 consecutive qualifying years. Furthermore, if you wish to earn the full amount of State Pension, you need 35 qualifying years.

Additionally, note that having done any of the following will likely mean that you qualify:

You may sometimes be able to receive more than the cited weekly amount. Indeed, this could be the case if:
  • You deferred your State pension amount;
  • You receive additional pension payments (this must be over a set amount).

You may have lived or worked abroad. If this is the case, you could still get the new scheme. Furthermore, you may have made married women’s or widow’s reduced rate contributions. If this is the case, you could qualify for the new scheme.

You do not have to work when you reach State Pension age. However, you may. Indeed, you may be able to find a working arrangement.

You may be eligible for things like council tax reduction, or want to get a personal pension. However, the pension forecast increases every year, so it’s a good idea to claim it. You may also get pension credit. Your eligibility depends on your national identity.

Robin is a writer for Your Benefits, writing about aids that people may be entitled to. He is currently working on his Master in journalism at the Institut Supérieur de Formation au Journalisme in Lille.

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